Every now and then, I purchase a book at random. By doing so, I broad my horizons and I am not confined to reading books that are within my sphere of interests.
A year ago, while I was walking on the high street of Southport, a city in the north of England, I entered a used bookstore. Using a special ladder provided by the owner, I picked two books from the upper shelf: one by Samuel Richardson and one by Henry Fielding; then before going out I closed my eyes and picked up at random a book among those lying on the table at the entrance. It was The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.
“I’ll give it to you for free! It is the most boring book in the world!” said the bookseller.
I kept The Pilgrim’s Progress for several months on my bookshelf and then I read it. To my surprise, the book was not boring at all; it is one of the most interesting books I have read so far; it is an allegory of life and a window to look into the amazing world of the Puritans.
Ettore Grillo, author of these books:
– A Hidden Sicilian History
– The Vibrations of Words
-Travels of the Mind

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