Mary’s Message to the World by Annie Kirkwood contains a series of messages given by Our Lady to a Texan nurse named Annie Kirkwood.

Whether one believes in the authenticity of Mary’s apparitions to Annie Kirkwood or not, one thing is certain: This book is a profound treatise on theology and morals. What struck me was the description of man as a being made of body, soul, and spirit. The ‘Spirit’ is a particle of God hidden in the soul of every human being.

All human beings have God-Spirit inside them. We should not judge others; instead, we ought to follow the way of love. We should not condemn this or that religion, for many are the ways leading to the same God.

The book emphasizes how important prayer and meditation are. We can even meditate by just watching our breathing. This calms and purifies our minds, an important step forward in the way to God.

Mary’s Message to the World by Annie Kirkwood elevates the spirit, definitely!

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