The journey from Catania to Seoul took almost one day. We had a short stopover in Istanbul, a city I adore. At long last, today we landed at Incheon Airport.

In the airplane, from time to time, I watched the map of the earth with the aircraft flying over several countries: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, and so on. Seen on the map, the earth seemed to be immense, but compared to the infinite sky, it looked like a grain of sand.

What can be said about the powerful nations of the earth? Surely, they are smaller than a speck of dust in comparison with the boundless universe. They wage war against each other and seem to be eager to make their own nation prevail.

As for me, I am of the opinion that only individuals exist, not nations!

Now I am going to stay in my beloved Korea for three months. I feel like being at home. On the other hand, I consider myself a citizen of the world. The soul – assuming it exists – doesn’t have facial features or skin color.

Will the oligarchies that rule the world understand this idea of humanity some day? I hope so!

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