Mind & Brain by Angus Gellatly and Oscar Zarate is a thought provoking book.

Professor Angus Gellatly describes the studies on the brain that scientists have been doing over time. Experiments on animals and primates seem to show that human behavior originates in the brain, which is the house of emotions.

It seems that the brain regulates human actions. It retains the memory of individual experiences and acts consequently. Brain memory is similar to the ‘engrams’ that L. Ron Hubbard describes in his book, Dianetics.

Angus Gallantly makes no mention of the existence of the soul. I have described something about the interaction between body and mind or soul in my books Travels of the Mind and The Vibrations of Words. However, I consider Mind & Brain by Angus Gellatly and Oscar Zarate a good starting point for further studies on the existence or not of the soul, which possibly governs the human body, including the brain.

Ettore Grillo, author of these books:

– November 2: The Day of the Dead in Sicily (English edition)

– A Hidden Sicilian History (English edition)

– The Vibrations of Words (English edition)

– Travels of the Mind (English edition)

– Una Storia Siciliana Nascosta (edizione in lingua italiana)

– Viaggi della Mente (edizione in lingua italiana)

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