This afternoon I took a walk around Lake Pergusa (Sicily), the mythical place where Hades abducted Kore. I had a look at the hills surrounding the lake and recollected a book on pedagogy I had read long ago. It said:  “Human beings have only made technological advances, but the human heart has made no progress.”

Looking at the hills at sunset and imagining the nymphs and Kore gathering flowers along the lush shores of the lake, I tried to figure out those who lived in these same hills millennia ago. They used stone tools, while we use appliances. They lived in caves, while we live in comfortable apartments with electricity and running water. But were their hearts different from ours? What did the Stone Age people think when they watched the sun go down? Did they have a sense of family and love for their children? Did they have the idea of God?

If we consider the pre-Socratic philosophers and the poets that lived thousands years ago, like Sappho, Homer, and many others, we will see that they are still relevant. The reason is just one: The human heart and soul have made no progress, nor can they!

Ettore Grillo author of these books:

– November 2: The Day of the Dead in Sicily

– A Hidden Sicilian History

– The Vibrations of Words

– Travels of the Mind

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