“As I kept walking, I caught sight of two armed guards in front of a building. I went in their direction. Pretending indifference, I tried to pass beyond them. But they stopped me. ‘You can’t get in!’ ‘Why not?’ I asked with eyes full of surprise. ‘You can’t enter if you are not Muslim.’ ‘I am Muslim. Including Islam, I follow many religions, therefore, I have the right to pass.’ ‘You must prove us that you are Muslim. Show us your passport, so we can see what your religion is.’ ‘In Italy, where I come from, we don’t declare our religion on our passport, but I’ve read the Holy Koran. I’ve been to the mosque of Catania twice, to the mosque of London once, and I can say the last surah of the Koran entitled ‘The Men.’
“I recited the last surah, which I loved. On listening to me, one of the guards seemed to be convinced. He was about to let me pass. But the other intervened. ‘Show us how Muslims pray.’ At that point I gave up entering because I didn’t know how Muslims pray. ‘If you want, you can come here from seven to eleven o’clock in the morning. You can visit the Esplanade, but you can’t go inside the Dome of the Rock. This is the third holiest place of Islam after Mecca and Medina,’ one of the guards said.”
“Uncle Salvatore, I want to know the last surah of the Koran. It must be very beautiful if one of the armed guards was about to let you in after listening to it.”
“Yes, Benedetto, I learned that surah by heart. Here it is: ‘In the name of compassionate and merciful God, say I seek refuge in the Lord of humans, the King of humans, the God of humans; from the evil of the whisperer, who slinks off, who whispers into the hearts of humans; from jinn and men!’ Can you understand?”
“No. What does it mean?”
“It means, seek refuge in God whenever the devil comes into your heart and pushes you to be a bad man. When the devil blandishes you and pushes you in the wrong direction, invoke God, and then the devil will become smaller and smaller.”

This is an excerpt from The Vibrations of Words: second edition by Ettore Grillo
Ettore Grillo author of these books:
– A Hidden Sicilian History
– The Vibrations of Words
-Travels of the Mind

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