“How did you search for God? Did you follow a precise plan? From where did you start? And now, after so many years, have you come to a conclusion?”
“Your question is really interesting!” he said, smiling in such a way that I couldn’t make out whether he was kidding me or not. “If God exists, he is infinite. Humans, with their limited minds, can never see or understand God unless he wants to show himself to them. When I look at the sky on a starry night, I feel like a speck of dust in comparison with the universe. Is it possible to understand the infinite, boundless universe? Of course not. Remember! You can invest billions of euros in the search for God, but you will waste your money. Sometimes a poor person can overtake you in such a quest. Do you remember the widow’s mite I just mentioned? Therefore, I didn’t plan or invest money in my search for God. I thought God would benevolently show me the right way to follow to meet him. Perhaps he could appear to me in my daily life, through situations, nature, and people I met. Actually, everything comes from God.”
“Quite often, Uncle Salvatore, things happen apart from God’s will. We believe that fortunes, misfortunes, and happenings come from God, but they just happen. The ancient
Romans used to say homo faber fortunae suae, man is the maker of his fortune. The thought that God is behind daily life is wrong. Our reasoning and fears bring God into existence. He doesn’t exist outside us. Whenever we try to prove God’s existence, we make a gap between the logical sphere and the ontological one. That is, through our mind and reasoning, we create an entity whom we give the name God.”…

…“While searching for God, I turned off my thinking mind. I tried to access my being that feels life’s music. I realized that my intellect was not enough to understand God. I had to put aside philosophy. By logic we can’t reach God. To be with God means that we live the mystery and miracle, which are nonlogical. Music, art, and literature don’t proceed logically. They just come from inspiration. I am convinced that something intangible and mysterious happens when one composes a piece of music, paints a picture, or writes a poem.
Perhaps the inspired artists are close to God more than we may think. However, if you can’t prove the existence of God or his presence behind the events of life, you can’t prove the contrary either. You can’t rule out that God manifests himself through those whom we come across in our daily life. Starting from this basis, I have been following the stream of life in my quest. Maybe life itself will make me meet God, I thought.”

This is an excerpt from The Vibrations of Words – second edition- by Ettore Grillo
Ettore Grillo author of these books:
– A Hidden Sicilian History
– The Vibrations of Words
-Travels of the Mind

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