The atmosphere in Santa Croce Church warmed up. Now there were two opposing parties: the spiritualists and the materialists.
A young man from the spiritualist party raised his hand and asked to talk. Paolo nodded and asked him to introduce himself. He was a player on Enna’s rugby team. He was curly haired, tall, and stout. As soon as he got up, the girls in the audience turned towards him, mesmerized by his figure.
“My name is Giuliano, and I have something to say about the subject matter.”
“You are allowed to talk as long as you like!” answered Paolo.
“Whenever I want to discover something new and never unveiled before, I picture a man who is wandering in the desert,” the young man said. “He is thirsty and walks along the dunes. He needs some water to survive, and hopes to find an oasis. Suddenly, he sees a pond in the distance. He quickens his pace to get to the oasis as soon as possible, but once he gets close, it disappears because it was just a mirage and not a real oasis.
“He sees more mirages as he continues walking. What to do? He is tempted to give up and surrender to his ill luck, but he is a man of faith. He has faith in good luck, and is sure that sooner or later he will find real water not just a mirage. He walks and walks, dune after dune, until, in the end, he finds a
real oasis. His faith has saved him.”…
Excerpt from A Hidden Sicilian History
Ettore Grillo, author of these books:
– A Hidden Sicilian History
– The Vibrations of Words
– Travels of the Mind

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