I am Italian, and I would have preferred that Britain had not left Europe. Nevertheless, nothing is lost! I am convinced that eventually the UK will remain in Europe for two reasons: because the referendum was only consultative, and because the majority pro-Brexit was by no means overwhelming.

The referendum has left the country split in two halves: the young in favor of staying in Europe, while the older generations have voted for separation.

Obviously, in this delicate matter the opinion of young people carries greater weight, because to them belongs future!

As for me, I cannot imagine Europe without Britain. Centuries of history bind Britain to Europe; even Sicily, which is my island, has a special place in the history of England.

On the slopes of Mount Etna there is the castle of Admiral Horatio Nelson. It is worth visiting, because it is a European heritage which no referendum can wipe out.

Although I don’t do politics, I have my own ideas. For me workers are all equal. Individuals exist; not nations! Everybody has entitled to work and live anywhere in the world, because Earth belongs to everyone, regardless of the country where they were born.

Ettore Grillo author of these books:
– A Hidden Sicilian History
– The Vibrations of Words
-Travels of the Mind

One thought on “BREXIT

  1. Hello my friend. The UK is not leaving Europe, we are leaving the EU dictatorship. We in the UK want to continue having a good relationship with beautiful Italy and the other EU countries, but we want to make our own laws and trade agreements – let our elected politicians run our country not the unelected in Brussels.

    The referendum wasn’t advisory, that’s just something that has been said by those who want to stay in the EU. We were told beforehand that whichever way the vote went would be decisive. Although the majority wasn’t large I believe that now the scaremongering done by the remain side has been proven to be false many more would have voted leave.

    Today our government has formally started the leave process and I believe that it is a great day for the UK. I also believe that other countries including Italy will follow and regain their sovereignty.


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