Whoever takes a walk in the woods during the summer months cannot avoid listening to the cicadas’ loud song. These insects are scattered almost all over the world, but not everybody knows how they do live.

Cicadas spend their lives underground for four, five and some species even seventeen years. Then, after such a long time spent in the darkness, they come to light, leave their nymphal status, take on wings, and start their very short winged life singing on the branches of the trees to allure their partner.

Sometimes, I compare my life to cicadas’. I have lived underground for a long time; much longer than a cicada! Then I came to light and started flying, and I am still flying from one continent to another, to spy out new countries, different cultures, and above all to find out what is the real essence of every living creature, human beings included.

Ettore Grillo author of these books:
– A Hidden Sicilian History
– The Vibrations of Words
-Travels of the Mind

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