Historical Novel Set in Sicily Ponders Life After Death


In a musty library in Enna, Sicily, a young man doing research providentially finds an ancient scroll on the floor. It appears to have slipped from a gap between two volumes about the Spanish Inquisition.

But the unexpected scroll is not about the Inquisition at all; instead it reveals a drama that was performed on the stage of Enna’s deconsecrated Church of Santa Croce ages ago.

The man decides to translate the lost manuscript from Italian into English and publish it. History flows freely from the scroll, and like a Pied Piper takes the young man back to the time of ancient feasts and processions, a time when he could learn how to remove hexes, cure roundworms in children, and envision life as it was in the local whorehouse. It also shows how societies bound together by a common thread all yearn to understand the meaning of life, and to answer the ultimate question: Is there life after death?

A Hidden Sicilian History is an intriguing historical novel that starts with an investigation of a mysterious death.

About the Author: Ettore Grillo is a retired attorney from Sicily who spends his time writing and traveling. This is his third book.

“This novel is not only a fascinating read, but it opens an imaginative doorway to a time long forgotten. Readers will find answers to eternal questions and will discover what it was like to live in ancient Italy. We are very proud to announce its release,” said Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.




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