Ettore Grillo was born in Enna (Sicily) on December 6, 1946. He completed high school in his hometown and then moved to Pisa where he earned a law degree. Then, he joined the Italian army as a reserve officer. During military service he was a defense attorney in court martial. He often defended Jehovah’s Witnesses who at that time were imprisoned due to their draft dodging. After almost two years, he was discharged from military service and passed the exams to be a lawyer. He was a freelance lawyer in his hometown for thirty-seven years. At the beginning of his career, he also taught law at high school. He was councilman in charge of state education in his hometown. In 2000 he earned a certificate in canon law at Pontificia Univeristas Lateranensis of Rome. In 2009, he retired. He is a devoted traveler and a researcher in the fields of religion, spirituality, psychology and anthropology. He has written four books: Travels of the Mind – The Vibrations of Words – A Hidden Sicilian History – November 2: The Day of the Dead in Sicily.

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